Stockpile - S/T

Stockpile play dark,fast, political hardcore that keeps up the pace throughout. The vocals are a deep growl, almost bordering on that death metal style, however keeping a little bit of coherence. High gain guitars and fast drums take up the backdrop, playing something not all that unfamiliar to fans of bands in the crust genre. The music is gritty and harsh, with a raw, unpolished feel to it. I would almost call this d-beat, though there are moments in here where the band can show some signs of bringing things to a mid tempo pace quite effortlessly.

Side B starts with "Tongues" showing the band's slower, mid tempo side for just a moment before a brief stop and a launch into their d-beat attack. The raging guitar shrills in "Your Trap" don't last too long but provide just a small break. You'll have to forgive my little knowledge on the customs of this particular genre, but I feel like my best comparison here would be to call this a less heavy His Hero is Gone.

Lyrically, Stockpile is addressing a good variety of social and political conditions in a very smart way that articulates their position well. Songs about government structure, nuclear energy, consumerism and class distinction are written with a lot of thought here. I have this mental picture of this band wearing all black and playing to a bunch of crust punks holding forties. However, by the lyrics, I'm made to think this band is capable of much more than that. Interesting stuff from Destroy Me Records.

Check it out here.