Tigershark - Demo

Tigershark was a band from Richmond, Virginia back in 2006. This three piece featured some technical hardcore similar to bands like Botch and Coalesce. There's some extremely competent musicianship here.

"Derode" opens the demo and gives you a good idea of the scope of this band's musical prowess. It's hard hitting, off time and typically pretty angry. "Pulsecheck" shows the band going in a different direction with more of a Corrosion of Conformity style classic rock guitar riff and shouted vocals.

"One On the Zero" shows the band has a bit of a melodic sensibility as they insert some elements of fast punk into the mix. The demo concludes with the bands 11:49 opus, "12 Sided Lie/Fortress" which delves into all territories from speed picking metal to droney stoner metal. For a good ride all over the map of heavier music, have a listen.

Download it here.