Veils - Clarity

Viels is a band from the United Kingdom who play something that I think sounds very, very similar to Pianos Become The Teeth. There's also some heavier moments in here that could remind me a little bit of Majority Rule, but for the most part things remain on the melodic tip. The record seems to be a theme based on certain human conditions. Each track has a condition marked next to it in parenthesis to guide you on the journey.

The production on here is very impressive. Everything sounds pretty huge and well spaced out. You'll hear a tasteful amount of reverb on these guitars along with some grity bass tone. The vocals are a strained scream that provide just enough articulation to make out a good deal of the lyrics on your own.

"Standing Alone" starts the record out showcasing that sound that has me comparing them to Pianos Become The Teeth. It has the slow, epic sound, cut into interludes with reverb guitar and strained screams. However, I'm thrown for a loop when "Caves" starts out on an unpredicted upbeat and is pulled off quite well. The song goes through quite a run of dynamics and shows off the extent of their versatility very well. To push the envelope a little further, "Stronghold" starts of with a barrage of blast beats before kicking back into the band's usual sound.

Have a listen here.