Vultures - Alaska

Vultures are from Australia and play a dark brand of hardcore that has some d-beat influence. Despite the reasonable lengths of these songs, they still come off as epic in their formation. It's perfect for those folks that love the epic sound but aren't exactly thrilled with 11 minute songs.

The production on this translates the band well. The high gain guitars and pounding drums are very present. The vocals could come down a notch, but the throaty scream carries a great urgency to it that brings some enthusiasm to these dark soundscapes. There's some great use of higher register guitar work to add that melodic feel, and I suppose this adds to the epic style a bit.

For the most part we're sticking to faster, upbeat stuff here, similar to Sled (who I reviewed last month). Every now and then the band has a few tricks up their sleeve. The track "11:11" features a driving breakdown that culminates into some melodic singing. It comes out of left field but works well in the context of the song. "Circles Above" follows and shows the band pulling of a completely mid tempo composition that had me thinking of some early Buried Inside or even Modern Life is War. There's great attention to the dynamics here that make for some interesting moments.

Check it out here.