War Emblem - Demo

War Emblem is from Philadelphia, featuring ex members of tons of Philadelphia bands like Pink Coffins, Off Minor, Kill the Man Who Questions and more. War Emblem's sound seems to take from a few different pools. There's a definite New York hardcore influence (The opening riff to "Spoils of War" reminds very much of Helmet) but there's also some early 90's Ebullition era sound here that reminds of bands like Downcast. A few of the airy guitar leads also have me thinking of more of a d-beat flavor at times as well.

The vocals have a strained shout that carries much of the New York hardcore influence throughout the songs. Musically you're in for a good deal of fast hardcore that's played with some attention to detail and transitions. The breakdowns are sparse, but inserted in a pretty stylish manner.

The production quality is pretty raw, and maintains that edgy sound that is pretty suitable for this style of music. There's no lyrics up on the bandcamp page yet, but I would be interested to delve into them and see what this band is all about.

Check it out here.