Weak Teeth - What a Plague You Are

Weak Teeth is another band that, for some reason, I'm just hearing about now, thanks to Jeff from Best Practices. Maybe it's something in the water of Providence, but damn, this is the second band I've heard from there that has got me excited.

This band seems to throw away attention to any specific genre and simply play what works best for them. There's a great deal of fast hardcore here, but it has some great melody laced with moments of off time chaos. The vocals have a vicious scream to them that seem to trade off between two people. My only complaint on the production is that the vocals are a bit on top of the mix here (though, the title track "What a Plague You Are" seems to be mixed with the vocals in just the right place for some reason).

The guitar work here takes the standard fast hardcore formula out of it's place with some interesting chord arrangement and lead playing. It carries the sense of melody throughout even the most aggressive parts. I'm way off, but I could compare it a bit to the work of a band like Propagandhi in a way.

Lyrically, Weak Teeth are fairly unhappy with the world around them. There's some specific subject matter pertaining to elements of the human condition. They are well written and add to the depth of the band.

The band breaks character with it's closing track "Blue Skies, Shit Life" which has a run time of 9:22. It takes on a different life with it's multiple extended clean guitar interludes that break up the chaos. The song is quite a journey and could manage to be the whole side of a record just by itself.

Check it out here.