As We Were - A Reason

As We Wereis a hardcore from Burlington, Vermont that add a good amount of versatility to their music.  There's a gleaming comparison to Have Heart and I think most of that comes from the vocal style on "What's Owed" and "Welcome Back".  Musically the band changes up tempos and moods to keep things interesting and I appreciate the attention to detail there.

Musically the band jumps from mid tempo hardcore, to extremely classic moshy style, and then can also add a good deal of melodics including clean guitar parts.  The production here is pretty spot on and allows the listener a good balance of everything happening. The drums have a nice, roomy sound to them which gives the songs a large, full sound. The guitars have the high gain, saturated sound that is typical of this style.  Lyrically we're dealing with some angry content that comes from the emotional neighborhood.  My favorite was "A Reason" which seems to be a very direct dialogue on the hardcore scene.

If you're a fan of Have Heart, Verse and Great Reversals, then As We Were will definitely quench your thirst.  There's not too many bands playing this style as well as this, and with as much variety.  All in all, not bad.  

Take a listen here.