Basement - Songs About the Weather

This is my first encounter with Basement. I didn't know anything about them before hearing them, so I had no expectations. The record starts out with some very slow, strummed out chords and I'm thinking "Ok, mid tempo, melodic stuff". Out of nowhere this band blasts into full upbeat swing, sort of taking on a Lifetime sound.

From that point on, they seem to stay on that ground, doing something similar to Iron Chic and Lifetime getting put on shuffle. The vocals tend to have that gruff sound to them, similar to Small Brown Bike or Best Practices.

These songs have that "mature pop punk" sound to them similar to the afformentioned bands. There's plenty of upbeats and melodic chords, but there's something about the vocals that seems to carry an overall sense of defeat and melancholy. By the fourth track, "DUI", I was making up my mind that this band is doing something quite good.

This will probably make my "best of the month" list for reviews I've done thus far. Pretty damn good stuff here.

Listen to the whole thing here.