Birds In a Row - Cottbus

I feel like Birds In a Row have been touring the U.S. for what seems to be about 2 or 3 months now. I first saw them in France last summer and was impressed by the energy of their live show. The band seems to take influences from a few different places. You'll hear some straight forward hardcore, some introspective/epic parts and at times some very upbeat chaos. I can almost describe as mixing Modern Life is War with Amanda Woodward, then throwing in a little bit of Furnace to secure the chaotic end.

"Cottbus" gives you a nice idea of what the band can throw down. It's a solid release that doesn't have any filler; Just 7 well written songs that utilize the bands knowledge of dynamics and interesting textures. The Songs "Chat Noir" and "A Kid Called Dreamer" were the stand out tracks for me due to their use of such a variety of styles and tempos. The band changes gears for "Outro", an acoustic track featuring some nice, unpolished melodic vocals over acoustic guitar.

Listen to it here.