The Catlin Elm / Coma Regalia - Split 7"

The Catlin Elm contributes two songs to this split 7". "Make This Your Life" has an urgent melodic drive to it that features non stop bass drum and high gain guitar squeals. The vocals remind me very much of some older 90's era bands of this style like Embassy or Introspect. The band does a great job on this track of intermingling guitars to create some nice texture. "Thoughtless Masks" is a more aggressive track that shows the band utilizing a chaotic waltz and speeding octave chords.

Coma Regalia has a very similar sound musically, though their recording is much cleaner and articulate. The band seems to spare some of the gain off the guitar, but makes up for it in the brightness of the mix and the great vocal placement. I enjoy the variation between all out screaming and the more melodic edge that happens later in the first track. "I Need Your Vote For Sexual Congress" begins with a stop/star combination of sharp chords. They level things off later with a melodic waltz topped with some fierce screaming, bringing the song to an abrupt end.

Two quality bands here doing some good things.

Listen to it here.