Cavalcades - Nothing Worse Than Empty

Cavalcades are from Scotland and play a mostly upbeat form of melodic hardcore that features mid gain guitar and strained, screaming vocals. There's a few bumps along the road where the musicianship seems to not be totally locked in. For the most part though, the band creates a pretty interesting texture of sounds and dynamics.

There seems to be an influence of some newer bands like Touche Amore here, but it's mixed with something more traditional in it's delivery. Lyrically the band seems to stick to more personal matters and gives you four songs that all seem to be about being lost and distressed.

The production quality could use a little help, though it doesn't hinder the listener's ability to get the full picture of what's happening. There's some interesting moments of drum placement here, specifically with the double bass work. "Half A Year" was the standout track for me here, due to it's epic ending.

Check it out here.