Cynarae - S/T

This is some heavy, wall-of-noise, stuff here. I'm getting a His Hero Is Gone vibe some of the time, but with a more modern twist..and certainly more attention to tempo changes. The bright production lends itself to a very "in your face" sound. The tones are monstrous and translate some huge power. The vocals seem to straddle the fence between a deep growl and a mid range scream. Perhaps there's two vocalists, or this is just one guy. It's just enough deep grown to where it doesn't bother me though. Musically, this is very similar to bands like Host or Pliant, who I've reviewed in the past.

For the most part this band is going to stay on the faster end of things, at times falling into d-beat territory. Things are slowed down for "The Phenomenology of Suffering" where the floating drums emphasis some discordant guitar in an interesting way. At times the song almost has a Converge feel to it, due to it's repetition and length. "Prostrate in Obeisance" brings things back to the faster neighborhood, but also provides a satisfying breakdown about 1 minute in to the song. "Pillars of Salt" brings things home with it's mid tempo stomp. It's epic ending featuring melodic guitars is a nice change from the previous material and ends this release on a strong note.

Lyrically the band seems to focus on the unraveling of humanity, culture and society due to over consumption and greed. I'm impressed with what I'm hearing here and hope this band does more. Good stuff here.

Have a listen here.