Dollores - Orphan

Dollores is a band from the Ukraine that presents a pretty interesting take on the screamier side of hardcore. While a lot of the bands in this genre are going for an over the top sound, musically, Dollores stays a bit more subdued and allows the vocals to travel to the breaking point alone.

Instrumentation like that in "Bondage" sounds strikingly similar to Mineral at times, with a contrasting vocal that screams with urgency over top. Bands like Carlisle and Jasmine made this melodic happy sound contrasted with screaming popular in the mid 90's and I haven't heard too many bands do it since. The strained female vocal style here reminds me a bit of Mahria and really makes the songs come alive. Lyrically, things seem to stay on the personal side and stay pretty compact (each song only just a few lines).

The production quality here is pretty clean and you can get an idea of what each instrument is doing at all times. Most songs feature a clean guitar intro into some mid range distortion. It's not quite as explosive as other bands in the genre, but the whole package works well together.

Check it out here.