Duck. Little Brother, Duck! - Survival Is Not A Workout

During the 90's there was band called Ethel Messerve, who singlehandedly changed my view of guitar playing with their wonderful off time compositions and pull-off style. It's been a while since I've heard a band come close to what they did back then..until today. DLBD is from Portland, Oregon and play a form of "math rock" that is raw and uncompromising, and perhaps the closest thing to Ethel Messerve I've heard in quite some time.

If you don't know what I'm talking about with my reference, I can attempt to describe this as very creative, off time, indie rock. The mid gain guitar, busy drums and walking bass keep things interesting while the sparse off key vocals swirl within each other to make it just catchy enough without sounding too poppy. There's a good amount of instrumental material on here as well, and some of it can get sort of "free jazz" sounding at times.

The musicianship here is pretty on target and has an explosive quality that makes every song move with general ease. Each person in this band can excel at their instrument, but there's no soloist here. This band plays together as a solid unit to make the whole package work. On average, the songs run about 6 minutes, so you can see this band packing a lot of action into each track.

Listen to it here.