Harangue - Feeding The Wolf

Harangue comes to us from Toronto, playing a style of hardcore that employes both melodic and heavy elements. I'm reminded a lot of Rats Into Robots and possibly some small traces of bands like Takaru, Pills and Dirtdrinker.

The production quality here is very raw and untouched. All though I would really like to hear how these songs would sound with some better quality, the rawness lends itself to a bit of charm here. The grit works in this sense that it sort of shows that this band's song writing is great even without the studio magic of reverb and compression.

These two songs give you a pretty nice journey around what Harangue is all about. The songs have nice variation that never get stale, going from some upbeat melodics, to slow chugs, and even some nice off time chaos. The strained, distorted vocal compliments this nicely and wraps everything up like a nice bow on a gift box. Definitely interested to here some more.

Listen to it here.