In Between - Demo 2011

In Between is from Baltimore and play a style of melodic hardcore that seems to straddle the fence between that raw style of pop punk (life Lifetime and Dillinger Four) and something more refined and radio friendly.  The songs fly by, most are not much longer than a minute. 

There are some catchy moments here within the fast paced movements.  The songs definitely take time, surprisingly, for some introspective moments where the guitar will ring out while the bass and drums carry the weight. "Different Language" sounds like a combination of Lifetime and Dag Nasty; and I don't mean that from an 'influence' point of view, I mean the riffs almost sound too close to the originals. "A Little More" takes a detour and slow things down, bringing the band to a bit more of an aggressive hardcore sound at times.  

For the most part, if you find yourself liking the Lifetime "Tinnitus" era of songs, then this will be right up your alley.  With this being the band's first effort, I think there's a good amount of potential here for them to come into their own.

Take a listen here.