Life Moves - Portions

Life Moves is from South Florida and play hardcore that has a nice mix of upbeat chaos with a more straight forward sound. There's a few things here reminding me of The Saddest Landscape at times, mainly the tangent style of the vocals mixed with some of the more straight forward octave chord guitar parts.

"Palm Trees" starts off the trio of songs and I find the vocals getting a little behind at times when things get chaotic. The song quickly jumps back on pace though and we get a good introduction track out of it. There's some nice variation that shows the band has some creative guitar work and attention to song structure.

"Bed Sheets" clocks in under a minute of run time and seems to serve as more of an interlude than actual song. "Folding" takes a slower approach and I couldn't find myself understand the blues guitar style that takes over about 1 minute in. It doesn't last too long and the song is back on it's way to present the band in more of a noodly light with some very note guitar and bass work. All in all, a nice effort by this band.

Check it out here.