Light Black - Ex Wives

Light Black remind me a lot of a New Brunswick band from the mid 2000's called Make Me.  They have that noodly, clean guitar sound and busy drum work happening (very characteristic of what people are calling the "Kinsela-esque" bands these days, I suppose), though the vocals  opt to take an over the top approach to this music.  At times these vocals can be a little overbearing. 

Still, if you can grow accustomed to the vocals, you may start to recognize some of the fluid song writing happening here...or you may just wish the vocals were different. There are a couple of instrumental tracks here that grant your wish. Either way, Light Black gives you 10 tracks of this formula that are well produced and interesting.

I'm impressed by the caliber of musicianship here and generally love the way that bands like this can create some nice texture in their music.  This is a style that I'm not generally excited about, but I feel musically, this band has nailed it down.

Listen to it here.