The Lowest - Ep

The Lowest is from Poland and play a straight forward form of hardcore that also inserts some heavier sounds without sounding anywhere near some sort of "metalcore" genre. The heaviness here is pretty natural and doesn't sound forced. The vocals have a strained sound to them and their cadence keeps this from sounding like some silly tough guy band (despite yelling "motherfucker!" on "King of Pain"), which almost reminds me of Chokehold.

"Warmaker" has a nice beginning with some loose open notes that pick up to a nice mid tempo drive. I could have done without the guitar solo though. The song takes you to a few different places though and this is shown with the vocal/guitar break that errupts into a sledgy crawl. When you think it's over, the double bass erupts and carries some gang vocals in with it.

"Graveyard" changes things up, launching into a fast hardcore sound that almost has some d-beat influence to it. It falls into a bass drum and vocal solo reminiscent of Have Heart. "Like Glass" was the standout track for me due to it's experimental and gloomy nature. It has a very 90's sound which I'm a sucker for. A good record for fans of heavy hardcore.

Listen to it here.