Mock - S/T

Mock has a new record coming on I Love To Hate Records. This is the first I'm hearing the band. Within the first two songs I detect an extreme likeness to Karate, both in vocal delivery and musical style. The production on this record is pretty flawless. The guitar has a very warm full tone backed up with deep (but articulate) bass and tight drums.

The band seems to maintain that low profile sound similar to Karate or perhaps some quieter Unwound material. Even a song like "57" with it's driving guitar and washy, crash cymbal drum beats still maintains a bit of a subdued nature to it. "An Hour From Now" shows the band relying heavily on more of Washington DC/Dischord records sound for a good deal of the song. It fits in with the previous songs, however the eerie guitar tone is distinguishable on this track.

Throughout the record you'll hear a number noodly guitar runs, coupled with interesting time signatures that typically steer clear of the 4/4 formula. About every two songs or so the band inserts short interludes that typically consist of some minimalist instrumental work.

Take a listen here.