Ostende - Ciudades De Mimbre

Ostende is from Argentina and play a wild, chaotic brand of hardcore that I can only describe as an elegant mix between Reversal of Man and Orchid. Expect some very quick, off time drum work firing off busily underneath screeching guitars and wildly screaming vocals.

The whole record is executed very well. The recording quality is a little bass heavy, but the brightness of the guitars still shine through. Most songs clock in under a minute, but within that time the band has the ability to take you for a nice ride around their musical ability.

For the most part you're going to get a dark, melodic sound that rarely stays in a 4/4 time signature. Though, the band detours from time to time with some more straight forward fare. "Malformaciones de una reelección" is a small interlude track that features some great melodic guitars at it's tail end. The breakdown and drum work on "Los convencidos caminamos por la vereda de enfrente" has a great groove to it that contrasts the songs previous chaotic nature.

Definitely enjoying this.

Listen to it here.