Pianos Become The Teeth - The Lack Long After

I've watched Pianos Become The Teeth rise to some well deserved stardom in the past year and I can't say I'm surprised by their success. With "The Lack Long After" the band has perfected their use of dynamics to create some very introspective and dramatic compositions that are nothing short of spectacular.

If you're not familiar, I would describe Pianos Become The Teeth as having a melodic sound that works with the quiet-to-loud formula. It reminds me a bit of some older 90's bands, but perhaps with a bit more development and texture to their sound. Of particular note for the band's live show is the drumming, which is precise, hard-hitting and tastefully done.

This record shows the band refining their sound and stripping out some of the filler they may have been prone to on previous releases. There's definitely a lot less atmospheric instrumentation happening, with more of an emphasis on raw power here. It's a more cut and dry sound that communicates the band as much more streamlined now.

Listen to it here.