State Faults - Head In The Clouds

State Faults is a four piece band from Santa Rosa, California playing some very intense, introspective music that reminds me of a more upbeat version of Pianos Become The Teeth. There's a bit of a Who Calls So Loud/Funeral Diner influence in here too, which comes through mostly during the slower, more drawn out parts. The production quality is very well put together and gives you a great idea of what's happening. The vocals are mixed within the music, rather than on top of it, which gives a sound that is more cohesive.

There's almost a constant use of lead guitar work here, drenched in reverb to create an airy sound over the driving chords. On the intro of "Nothing Stays" the guitar almost takes on a piano-like sound with it's single note picking. The vocals have a raspy sound, very different from what is typical of this genre.

The use of gang vocals in "Quiet Steps" were extremely impressive and catchy, but I was turned off by the nasally melodic singing that followed. Thankfully this is the only instance of it throughout these 5 songs. Let's hope to see less it in future releases. Other than that, this is worth checking out.

Listen to it here.