Threadbare - Feeling Older Faster (Classic of The Week)

For my classic this week I will delve back to the 90's hardcore neighborhood and talk about Threadbare. Why do I consider this a classic? When I listen to this record I hear a bit of what modern bands are doing today mixed with some classic 90's characteristics. The record has some interesting approaches on heavier hardcore that weren't quite explored just yet at the time. Putting this on for a listen today, I still recognize the genius at work here in the songwriting.

On "Feeling Older Faster" Threadbare takes a very slow and deliberate approach to their composition. It's avoids sounding like a drone and just opts to sound like a powerful, slow motion hardcore record. Every song has me picturing someone walking very slowly through a crowded street, taking time to lock in and stare at every face. The movements here are very slow and calculated.

With the exception of "Feed", which takes on a more upbeat rhythm, every song has an eery, slow stomp. Even "Relocation Policy" with it's rolling drums and powerful hits, still exhibits a very deliberate style to it. "Confessional" provides the trademark 90's acoustic interlude track here.

Still love this after all these years. Download it here.