The Tidal Sleep - S/T

Damn, this is good. The Tidal Sleep is a hardcore band from Germany that has a great melodic undertone to their music, but still puts forth an aggression that can get you out of your seat and wanting to scream along. I could describe this as perhaps not as dark as Modern Life Is War, though not as overbearing as Touche Amore. There's a subtle nature to these songs that seems to spotlight the entire band, rather than just one aspect.

The textured guitar work here is very well done and really creates something within the chord progressions that makes the musical space pop out. Effects like delay and reverb are used tastefully here. The vocals have a great, strained scream to them that translates desperation. With excellent placement that never sounds awkward or forced, the vocals work themselves into the music and become such a part of it, like another instrument all together. The drumming is powerful and works the dynamics of the songs in an impressive way. Distorted bass rumbles underneath and provides a strong foundation.

"Inkbreath" was the stand out track for me due to it's chaotic, fast paced versed that drops into the stop/start breakdown. It takes it's place among the well used melodic soundscapes of songs before it, but seems to take things a step further with it's chugging guitar and dramatic cymbal hits.

Listen to it here.