Zachary Cale - Noise of Welcome

Zachary Cale is a singer songwriter from Brooklyn NY. On this record he is accompanied by a back up band in addition to several guest musicians. Each song has a pretty nice life of it's own. We're staying on the quiet, folk end of the spectrum, but there's some interesting additions to the mix.

Vocally I'm hearing something that sounds like mixing some of this alternative country genre stuff with Tom Petty with Bob Dylan. The words are slurred and have that "almost off-key" sound to them that provides a bit of grit. "Hello Oblivion" was the standout track for me due to it's quiet buildup and haunting melody. "Nocturne In G Minor" provides a nice instrumental interlude halfway through. There's some nice soundscape work with slide guitar and cymbal wash that creates and interesting atmosphere.

Songs like "We Had Our Day In The Sun" and "All To Order" are simply stunning with their subtle power. I would be interested to see how a live performance would translate and luckily, there are some Brooklyn dates coming up that I may be able to get to. A great record to calm your nerves and listen to on a beautiful day.

Take a listen here.