Zombie Fight - Alive and Well

Zombie Fight comes to use from New York City and are about to release a new record called "Alive and Well". The band has a very varied style of hardcore that seems to take a little bit from multiple pots. Musically, there's an overall sound similar to some older Long Island bands like Silent Majority happening here, but with some other styles thrown in for more variety. The vocals take on more of the shout style, similar to a band like Bane with a little bit more throat.

The recording quality leaves something to be desired. The vocals are a little higher than I usually prefer and the drums aren't as "big" sounding as what usually works for this type of music. Still, the band can translate some good song writing through tape. There's some good use of dynamics here that can create some a nice epic effect(see "Who The Hell Are The Joneses" for example).

The band seems to make good use of upbeat melodic composition. Songs like "Reconnect" and "The Decision"(see the Iron Maiden-esque guitar work in here) begin with a fast hardcore sound drench in a set of melodic chord progressions. There's also a good amount of double bass open E chug parts here for folks of the "moshier" persuasion. They're pretty seamlessly placed so it doesn't come off sound forced. "Sick Of" surprisingly takes up a more classic punk sound at first; for the most part a full departure from the rest of the songs.

Lyrics here seem to be about keeping your head above water, just trying to live. Subjects like friendship, trying to deal with changes and compassion among people.

Listen to the track "We're Not Dead Yet" here.