Antpile - For Me, This Is Heaven

Antpile is from Cleveland and play a melodic hardcore that seems to still be in it's developing stages. Why do I say "developing stages"?  Well, that lies mostly in the vocal placements.  Musically the band seems to have a good handle on their individual instruments.  But vocally, there tends to be a lack of confidence in the sound and placement. 

If you can get past the painfully out of key and oddly placed melodic vocals (see "Those Fake Smiles"), there's some pretty well played music here.  The screaming vocals work most of the time though and fit the music well. There's definitely some aspects reminding me of all the "newer" bands here, but there's also something in the more straight forward style that reminds me of a more mid 90's sound at times.

There's three songs here, the shortest coming in at 3:35, while the other two both break five minutes. "You Said" actually even shows the melodic vocals getting a bit more confident and on key. I couldn't really find myself liking "Melodica Song" at all really, as it tended to lean on the weaker aspects of the band's arsenal. 

Listen here.