Breaking Ground - Let The Young Minds Think

Breaking Ground is a hardcore band from Bremerton, Washington that have a sound that seems to call upon Chain of Strength and Moutpiece for their influences.  Compared to most bands today, this has a more positive sound to it in that there's no tough posturing going on here. There's alot of bands playing a style similar to this, but not with this type of feel to it.

The recording quality is pretty nice, though the vocals are a little louder than I would prefer.  High gain guitars rage over the fast drumming while a strained shout desperately belts out some very matter of fact lyrics.

I'm not totally astounded by this, but at the same time it does bring up a bit of nostalgia for me to a time when bands weren't concerned with sounding tough or inserting moshy dance parts at every whim.  If you're interested in some fast, positive hardcore, this might be a good things to check out.

Listen to it here.