Calculator - The Roots Grow Deep

Calculator is from California and carry a mid 90's melodic hardcore sound to them.  At times it reminds me of bands like older bands like Julia, Indian Summer and maybe a little bit of Frail (but not much).  They also incorporate a little of that twinkly, noodly guitar sound once in a while.  If you're not familiar with the sound, what you're getting is mid gain guitar over some pretty varied drum work.  The vocals range from a shout to a full on scream and seem to use their dynamics well.

The production quality is a little rough around the edges which I believe adds more to the 90's presentation of the whole package. It varies between sets of tracks though since this seems to be a collection from various recording sessions and releases. You can hear everything pretty clearly on each song, but there's a very untouched and dry sound here. 

This is 14 songs documenting two years of this band's recordings and showing some interesting song dynamics and structures. They have a pretty good knack for keeping the songs moving and active. As expected, you hear some change within the band's development among these two years, so you find yourself liking some more than others. Lyrics seem to stick in the personal realm with some abstract prose. I'd be interested to see these songs played in live setting. 

Listen to it here.