Channel - S/T (Classic of the Week)

Ever wonder where Converge got the idea for the part in the middle of "The Saddest Day" where everything slows down and speeds up again?  Well, it was from this record.  Ironically, Nate from Channel would join Converge ten years later. Go figure.

Channel was a hardcore band from Virginia Beach, Virgina in the mid 1990's.  I caught a set of theirs at a school gym some time around 1995 or so and they totally blew my mind. They had a great live presence to them that was captivating (Unfortunately Nate's next band Jesuit wasn't nearly as good).  Channel was important to me because they added to small number of bands back then who were playing music that heavy and intense without being some generic tough guy mosh music. There were talented musicians playing some interesting and well crafted music that was pretty emotionally transparent. That and...well this record is quite frankly perfect.

What you'll get here is some heavy riffs above some very frantic and precise drumming. At times I'm reminded of Deadguy, but perhaps with less bruiting and more attack. There's even some blast beats in there at times.  The screaming vocals are a great touch to add to the intense sound. There's a heaviness here that most of those "mosh" bands back then weren't even coming close to. 

Download it here.