Driveway - South Ossetia

Driveway falls into that melodic indie/emo/post hardcore/whatever you call it genre.  They're from Ireland though I couldn't detect any accent within the music unfortunately. 

There are times that Driveway annoys me and other times when they are doing things in a way that makes this melodic style unique and interesting. Most of the parts I don't like fall when this band is keep things more subdued, using their borderline nazzley vocal over some clean guitar.  When things pick up though we get a very nice, warm blanket of distorted guitar that melds with the vocals a bit better.

There are three songs here that give you a taste of what this band can do.  At times the musicanship here reminds me of Mineral a bit. Vocally they have a more modern feel, think something like modern bands such as Balance and Composure. The production is done well and maintains a little bit of rawness to keep this band from sounding a little too polished.

Check it out here.