Elder - Reflect

Elder was a three piece band from Philadelphia that consisted of some ex-members of Towers and Balboa. This record came out about three years ago, but I recalled it catching my attention back then and figured it would be a good one to spotlight here.
 The sound here sticks to more of the melodic side of things, but can tend to go the fast paced route to keep things from seeming to slow. This contrast is shown as the first track "Empty Lots" rips out of the gates only to give way to the slower, more subdued intro of "Ninos". 

In terms of production the record is very clear and has a very large, layered guitar sound.  The dynamics are captured quite well, helping us to experience the band's plans for their quiet-to-loud transitions.  The dual vocals break things up a bit, with one vocal on the higher pitched/screamy side of things and one lying more with a gruff melodic sensibility.

Tracks like "Empty Lots" and "Evasion" were my favorites here, mainly because I think this band's ability to do the upbeat, melodic composition is much stronger.  I also prefer the higher pitched vocals here as they generated more of a mood of desperation.  All in all, good stuff.

Take a listen here.