Hop Along - Get Disowned

This is the newest effort from Hop Along, an indie trio from Philadelphia who have some folk influence in there composition at times, but other times have a larger alternative rock sound. Their female lead vocal is on pitch but maintains a rawness not unlike Ani Defranco at times due to it's quivering characteristics. I find myself enjoying both formats here though mainly because it's done pretty thoroughly with a good deal of thought and planning.

The production is done well, though, the drums have a lot of low end thump to them. I'm not sure if this was done purposefully, but I think the snare could use some brightening up.  Other than that, I really don't have any complaints.

With a few songs breaking the 5 minute mark, these tunes can tend to take you on a bit of journey which break free from a typical verse/chorus formula at times.  There's some beautiful moments on here that left me with chills.  "Tibetan Pop Stars" and "Kids on the Boardwalk" were the standout tracks to me here due to how their lyrics and melodies mingled with the music so powerfully to create such a strong statement. The subtle piano work on "Laments" is worth some noting here for it's contribution to the intensity of the verse.  Definitely some good stuff here.

Check it out here.