Kaddish - S/T LP

Kaddish is from Scotland and have an intense screamy hardcore sound that uses some dark melodic tones to create a foreboding sound.  There's some similarities here to bands like Envy, Funeral Diner and Caught in the Fall.  The musicianship here is pretty well executed and keeps things interesting.

The production could use a boost in volume perhaps, but other than that it's pretty audible in terms of hearing the overall mix.  The mid gain guitar sound switches to a bright clean on a regular basis to create some nice dynamics.  The bass has a pretty clean to it, provide a nice backbone to the chaotic drumming.  An over the top screaming voice tops things off and adds to the intensity.

Of some note here is the guitar work that can range from large, strummed chords to some more noodly technical work and even a good deal of speed picking coupled with blast beats. The talking vocal cadence that appears in the middle of "...There Grows The Hours' Ladder to the Sun" is a bit of a risk, but it seems to break up the existing composition in a nice way. There's definitely an epic feel to some of these tracks. Every song breaks 3 minutes, with some going past the 5 minute mark.  It's a long ride, but worth the trip.

Listen here.