Kilgore Trout - Split with False Flag

This is the Kilgore Trout/False Flag split, though I can only seem to find the Kilgore Trout songs at this point.  I like them this much that I'll forgo the complete release and just review their three songs.  For a band to name themselves after one of my favorite Kurt Vonnegut characters and then to be able to play some good music...they have earned their way into my heart.

Kilgore Trout play an intense and screamy melodic hardcore that would probably remind me of One Eye God Prophecy at times.  The recording quality here is not very good which is unfortunate because these songs would probably sound great with some nice production.

"Visita Interiora" was my favorite track due to it's clean guitar interlude which adds a nice diversity to the song structure. Once again, I really wish this was properly recorded.

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