Last Letters - From Her and Here

Last Letters is a band from New Jersey that play what one would probably categorize in the "screamo" file cabinet, however this is a bit more on the melodic/emotional hardcore side of things due to it's straight forward tempos. There's a bit of Pianos Become The Teeth/Touch Amore vibe happening here, particular in some of those moments that use some reverb and delay guitar effects.

The production is pretty well executed and professional. All the instruments come through pretty clear.  The vocals may be a touch too high for me, but they seem to be showcased here much in the same way bands of this type have been known to do.

For the most part the band is keeping things mid tempo, however there are a few detours.  The fast beat in "The Future is Fading/The Past is Still Begging" is an interesting break.  Still, the band keeps the mid tempo speed without sounding repetitive or boring.  The dynamics are in all the right places and the guitar melodies do a great job of heightening the urgency and emotion. There's some solid drum work here that also hits in all the right places to convey the songs path. I can see the vocal placement here harvesting a good deal of crowd participation. 

Impressive stuff here.  Have a listen.