Maggot Brain - Demo

At first I thought Maggot Brain would be just another d-beat band among the large number of bands playing this style by the book.  So you can imagine my surprise when 2 minutes into the first song "Breathe" this band slowed things down with some metal influenced hardcore and speed picking. 

The production is very dry. It's clear and clean...but maybe a little too clear and clean. There's also some weird guitar tracking happening at times when the "lead" parts come in.  Through all that you can still get a good deal of what's happening.

There's a large metal influence to both of these songs, with some very iron maiden-esque single note guitar parts.  The gruff scream over top has a deep growl which seems to fit the low tuning well. The crawling end of "Silence" seems to give a good home to the vocals. In each song you get a good change up of tempos and this keeps things moving along nicely.  Check it out.

Have a listen here.