Martial Roles - 2012 Basement Sessions

With all the readily available, inexpensive digital recording gear out there, why do bands still insist on putting out sub par recordings for public listening?  It's a shame too, because through the bad recording quality you can hear some very promising musicianship. 

Martial Roles play a chaotic, yet melodic style of music that would fit right in among For Want Of, Ampere and Funeral Diner. The drum and guitar work here is very impressive and definitely gives the band a sound that is interesting and attention grabbing.  At times you can hear the guitar taking on that noodly style off pull off notes and twinkly high fret work. The drum work seems to be based in some jazz influence, incorporating a soft to loud dynamic (see "That Tent Was A Bad Idea" for an example of this).

With harshly screamed vocals and quirky song titles, Martial Roles seem to show a lot of promise with these 5 songs.  Maybe they can get it together to get a decent recording quality soon because I think these songs are going to really shine on a proper release.

Listen to it here.