A Message from Your Author, April Review.

April has seen the blog have a little less activity, mostly due to the fact that I've been playing music quite a bit and also have been asked to review for a couple other blogs (more info on that soon!).  But never fear.  I still have the itch to write and get some music up here on a regular basis. 

Here's what moved me in April:

Joyce Manor - ST
This record took a moment to grown on me, but once I got it I really dug the dirty style that falls somewhere between old Against Me and some of the more creative noodly melodic bands of today. 

Pianos Become The Teeth - The Lack Long After
I feel like Pianos Become The Teeth refined their sound, leaving out some of the tedious drone and flashy effects work. This album is more stripped down, but delivers a raw power that I prefer.

Basement - Songs About The Weather
This is just plain good, melodic punk done very well.  You can't mess with it.  It's got all the right moves.

Birds In A Row - Cottbus
After seeing them twice in France and falling in love with their live show, Birds In A Row deliver something similar to Yage and Amanda Woodward with youthful energy and some nice attack.

Ostende - Ciudades De Mimbre
Like Reversal of Man having a baby with Orchid, Ostende do some over the top stuff here.  This is good stuff for fans of chaotic hardcore and interesting to see how a band from Argentina interprets this style.