Nation On Fire - Demo 2012

Nation on Fire is a new band from New Jersey that plays a relentlessly fast style of hardcore, topped with screaming vocals and high gain guitar.  There's moments here that remind me of Assfactor 4 and other times the band is sounding a bit more on the traditional side of things. When they take chances they do it just right and it really brings the band into their own.

The production is pretty nice in translating a desperate mood.  The vocals sit just right in the mix, translating some nice power and not overpowering the music.  The drums have a good amount of body to them and carry the backbone of the production well.

The standout track here is the opener entitled "The Cause". It's fast tempo and discordant, yet melodic, guitar line is catchy and distinguishes this from other bands playing this style.  I didn't find the same characteristics in all the tracks, but let's hope it catches on. "Recycled Graves" shows the band taking a mid tempo, more pedictable style, however the vocals stay as screamy as ever.  It creates an interesting contrast. There's a nice play on dynamics with "AWOL" where the slow beginning guitar sits above upbeat drums.  The song develops to a plot of blast beats before culminating to a mid tempo stomping drum lead.

The band closes up shop with "No God or Man" which seems to be a nice combination of all of their different styles stitched into one song.  Sadly, there's no lyrics available on the bandcamp page, which makes the experience a little less exciting for me.  With the titles of these songs, I would imagine we are in for some interesting social and political commentary from this band.

Check it out here.