Old Gods - S/T

Does anyone think it's funny that just about every band these days is claiming to be "inspired by the Jesus Lizard"?  Is this some new phenomena that just popped up out of nowhere?  I'm not hating on the premise here, but how did the Jesus Lizard all of sudden become the cornerstone of post hardcore? I'm a little baffled. Nevertheless, I'm hearing slow breakdowns and some mildly chaotic guitar work that sounds like a less technical version of something Botch would do.

Old Gods is a bunch of ex-members of bands I've never heard of, with the exception that one of the guitarist was a late addition to the Dillinger Escpae Plan. The production on the record is noisy and dirty, translating an unpolished feel which works pretty well for this style of music. It's mixed nicely, allowing the screaming vocals to sit within the mid gain guitar.  The drums have a pretty big sound, with just a touch of reverb, while some fuzzy bass adds to the foundation of things.

The only track that seems out of place is "Shock Corridor" which tries to do some type of sassy garage rock sort of thing that seems to fall short.  The rest of the tracks are pretty solid if you're looking for something heavy and dirty.  It's nothing new or groundbreaking, but it's done well.

Listen here.