Ruined Families - Untitled 7"

Ruined Familes are from Greece and remind me quite a bit of the mid 2000's band Bleeding Kansas. There's a very mid tempo, straight forward hardcore sound here, but perhaps more crushing than usual. The big production and reverb soaked mix carries a large sound with it that may sacrafice a little bit of clarity.

What's presented here is some high gain, hard hitting hardcore that is not without it's variation.  "Voidealism" gives you an interesting melodic detour that comes out of nowhere but still manages to fit in.  "You Will Become Like Your Father" has an intro littered with speed picking and blast beats before it drops back to the bands mid tempo breakdown formula.

The vocals have a mid level scream to them that never goes to over the top. Lyrics seem to focus on not fitting into society in general and feelings of defeat. "Quiet" was the standout track to me for it's intense, melodic ending.  Definitely liking this quite a bit.

Listen to it here.