Tragedy - Darker Days Ahead

Tragedy seems to be a band with universal appeal for some reason.  I'm not sure I understand it myself, but they seem to draw crowds from several different facets of hardcore. My experience listening to this band is pretty limited.  In fact this is the first time I've ever listened to an entire Tragedy album from start to finish.  But here goes.

I'm told this is much slower than their previous material.  If their older material was predominantly comprised of d-beats then I would agree with this analysis. It has a slow feel, that focuses more on the heavier, hard hitting power than the speed.

"No Cemeteries Here" keeps with it's powerful display of 6/8 timing, though, the effects on the clean guitar sort of threw me for a loop.  The vocals on "Close At Hand" seemed a bit unprepared and perhaps not sorted out as well as they could be.  It stays in a mid tempo stomp until breaking down to a pretty epic guitar lead. "The Grim Infinite" takes on another 6/8 waltz, but this time doubling up the snare and utilizing the ride bell to create more of a metal sounding texture...and then finally, the die hard d-beat fans get what they've been waiting for as the band rapidly jumps into a tease of about 15 seconds of fast paced d-beat action before returning to their waltz. But don't worry they give it to you one more time before the song's end.

As the record continues you see more songs that seem to variate between the 6/8 timing and a more traditional mid tempo beat.  The vocals remain gruff and the guitars break from their dirty chords for a nice harmonic lead once in a while. It's not that I think this is really all that bad, but perhaps Tragedy is something you to experience live to truly understand.  I found myself a little underwhelmed here, but noticed that the music does have a quality that could be appealing.