Animal Faces - Anomie

Animal Faces open this record with a get up and go track called "Can't See Why" which instantly had me thinking they were sort of like what would happen if you mix Planes Mistaken For Stars with Kid Crash. 

The production on these songs is huge. A nice warm reverb collects the drums well, making them sound huge.  The bass has just enough mid range to make it stand out along side the bright guitars.  The vocals sit just right in the mix, complimenting the music as if they were another instrument.

This is some upbeat, fairly straightforward rhythm happening here, but it employs some really great musicianship which makes it stand out.  For example, the drumming on a song like "Breathe Lightly" takes a mid tempo composition and adds a great dimension of dynamics that really carry it with spastic rolls and precises pauses.  The guitar and bass work throughout these 6 songs carries some very nice playing, while giving a lot of attention to how each instrument affects the overall mood of the song. You can hear the band exemplify their best effort of musicianship on "Sleep Tightly", a 2 minute instrumental journey with many peaks and valleys.

All in all, I'm totally impressed with what I'm hearing here. "Watered Down" was the standout track for me, due to it's catchy musicianship and excellent vocal delivery. I can't believe how much good music is coming from Toronto these days.

Check it out here.