Beau Navire - Lumens

A while back I reviewed the Beau Navire/Republic of Dreams split which was my first introduction to the band.  On "Lumens" one can see a few changes. Some of these songs seem to have a more aggressive approach to them at times.  Of particular note is the production which seems to translate the band in an intense and desperate way.  All the instruments are pushed pretty hard, creating an "almost about to explode" sort of vibe to my ears.

These 10 tracks have a good deal of variation and dynamics.  When the band is doing all out chaos (see "Prisms") it's pretty explosive and relentless.  Things can also be brought down to a nice mid tempo feel that has more emphasis on the melodic sensibilities (see "Dead End, Start Over" or "Amongst Ashes"). 

Lyrically the band seems to fall into an abstract, yet political neighborhood.  Of particular note are songs like "Communique'" and "Disgust and Fate" which emphasize mass struggles of community.  Other songs fall into the personal realm, but maintain the abstract approach.

I have to say I'm please with where the band went compared to the split.  I'll definitely be playing this on a regular basis.

Take a listen to it here.