Between Your Mind and Tongue - Building the Foundations to Future Ruins

Between Your Mind and Tongue are from New Jersey and play an extremely varied style that incorporates screamy hardcore, prog, and even some influences of more traditional hardcore.  There's definitely a focus on experimentation here and at times the flow can seem a little jagged as they move from part to part.  Nonetheless, the band never gets stagnant as they cruise through a variety of influences.

The production quality is a little muffled, but can work for them, especially when they fall into some chugging guitar parts that emphasize their heaviness.  The screeching vocal work sits just right in the mix adding more power to the grand scheme of things rather than sitting on top.

There's only 3 songs here, but you get quite a picture painted for you.  The use of dynamics and quick changes is consistent throughout the tracks.  I find myself enjoying the noisy, dirty style of the heavier parts, as they pass up the generic hardcore route and opt for something that carries a more drastic and doom ridden sound.  Impressive stuff.

Check it out here.