Burn Your Life Down - "Don't Try"

Burn Your Life Down has an EP coming out on Glory Kid Ltd soon and I was asked to take a listen and scribble down some thoughts on it. 

BYLD seems to take a low gain guitar approach to their sound which takes on a little rock and roll influence in it's delivery.  It took me a few songs to get used to the guitar tone, as it's a little different for this style. This probably translates well live, on recording though I find myself searching for a little bit umph from the chugs or a bit more sustain from the single notes.

The screaming vocals tend to have a bit of sassiness to them at times and other times they culminate into a frustrated spoken word. It's nice that they change and move with the songs and it definitely adds some nice dimension to the canvas. Overall I can detect some influences of Deadguy, Achilles, Breather Resist and Botch, both musically and vocally.

The song writing has some nice twists and turns which include mostly groove oriented guitar hooks that keep from the traditional fare. Picture lots of pull off guitar notes coupled with some floating 4/4 drums. Every now and then the band throws in some raging fast parts, but they're used sparingly to create more emphasis on the groovier elements. What you can hear on the link below is "Base Women", a sample track from the Ep. You'll get a nice variety of that frustrated spoken words, raging fast parts and groovy breakdowns littered through this one. This should help gauge where this band stands with you. 

Listen to the track here.