By The Grace of God - For the Love of Indie Rock (Classic Review Of the Week)

I was 17 years old when I found myself in the local record store gazing at the newest effort featuring some members of Endpoint (one of my favorite bands). Without hesitation I put my money down to purchase this cassette (The cassette purchase was mainly because I had a tape deck in the car and wanted to hear this immediately).  It hit my tape deck minutes later and I blasted it.  My initial thought was "this is what I love about hardcore".

By The Grace of God exemplified on this EP everything I wish hardcore could be; everything it can sometimes be; and the potential it can have. It's the kind of record made by the kind of people that have made me stick around all these years, hoping to catch these small, brief glimpses of greatness.

The sing along moments on songs like "Goliath" and "November's Lie" are among the most passionate ever put to tape. There's definitely that aspect of very traditional hardcore here, however it's flawless execution and passionate lyrics set this apart from any other in the genre.

I'm happy to have been around to experience this band when it happened back in 1996. This will always be one of the best hardcore records ever made, in my humble opinion.

Download it here.