Courtesy Drop - What Makes This Place Worth Calling Home

At times Courtesy Drop has the gruff, Small Brown Bike sound for the late 90s and early 2000s.  Other times they are leaning towards something a bit more modern and come off sounding like Balance and Composure or other bands of that influence.

The band seems to excel at mid tempo melodic compositions that stay pretty straight forward to focus more on power and drive than technicality.  Some songs can be a bit more upbeat (see Tylenol and Fireball for example) while others stay a bit more tame. It works for them pretty well.  The mid gain guitar and non-deviating drums create a a pretty solid background to the gruff vocal style.  The production could use some cleaning up, especially the distant drum sound. It doesn't stop you from being able to get a good idea of the band's direction though.

"What Makes This Place Worth Calling Home Group Effort" seems a bit out of place as it sounds something more that would appear on a Pianos Become the Teeth record and takes the band out of the melodic position they were floating over for the four tracks before.  The melodic vocals on this track, unfortunately, went a little bit into the modern sound and left the gruff style behind at times. The "sing along" part in the middle was a bit confusing as it seemed they tried to showcase every kind of vocal style imaginable.  There's a bit more streamlined version of the song later on in the record that cleans up these small foibles, and really shows the power and potential the song has.

I was a little confused on "The Good Old Days" as the vocals don't come in until about 2 minutes in.  What's confusing here is the preceding 2 minutes is a wonderful verse/chorus tune that reminds a bit of very early Get up Kids material.  I feel the band could have easily inserted some wonderfully catchy vocals in there.

Have a listen here.